Why include swimming in a school curriculum

Sophia Jennifer S

A lot of students and teachers find numerous extra Co-curricular activities as a part of their school curriculum. Some of them are excited about it, and some of them are not looking up to these activities at all. Swimming is one such controversial activity. 

Although swimming is considered one of the most important forms of exercising and maintaining a healthy body, students don’t like to do it because it is a lot of hard work, and needs a lot of time to prepare to swim. Most importantly, students are not comfortable with the extra costs it might incur on the school which they have to fill through the fees management software.

The admission management software can do justice and include such programs as optional ones, but in case the school values the health of their students, it can make some allocations to incur less swimming costs and involve more students in it for their benefit.

Here are some advantages derived from taking up swimming as a part of the routine in the school community;

  • Comparatively low impact sports activity

Sports activities are extremely energy-consuming, and students don’t feel like doing anything else after participating in something similar. If sports activities are arranged in the morning, students get very tired and cannot focus on their classes. Including such activities at the end of the day is also no good because this means that students will not have the time to relax after they go home, and study further for their next day’s classes. Swimming is one such low-impact sports activity that does not leave a child exhausted. Because it is an activity involving water, the impact of muscle strain is minimized and they are rather energetic than tired after practicing swimming.

  • Health factor

Swimming keeps students healthy because it allows them to work out regularly, improving their blood circulation and blood flow, appetite, and fat to muscle ratio. A healthy body is important for students to maintain a healthy mind too. 

  • Good way of working out for kids

Children don’t like working out, especially kindergartners. They could be allowed to swim in summers which could replace their workout schedule.

Teamwork and individuality skill set development

A child does not swim on his own in a pool, it involves a coach, a supervising teacher, and other team members in the group who practice swimming. For special events, they have to practice together, which means they can develop teamwork qualities. Individual performance skills also improve and students learn to be responsible and goal-oriented.

  • Time management

The school can assign 20 to 40 minutes to children for swimming and indulging in activities related to swimming. Because they have to manage everything in this short period, students learn time management skills which will be useful in examinations and arranging study sessions.

  • Better social life

When students go swimming, they interact with a lot of students from other grades and classes. This means that all age groups are involved, the kindergarteners, middle schoolers, and high schoolers. They can now make friends easily and know about life in all different scenarios. Social life is very useful for students because it helps them have different perspectives and understand the importance of their own life, not only as an individual but also as a part of society.

Other healthy activities

Apart from swimming, there are other activities, indoor and outdoor, which can help students maintain a similar way of a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few common ones;

  • March past, practicing March past once a week.
  • Organizing mini sports activities such as long jump, tug off war, relay, and so on.
  • Debates and Group discussions on health topics of the current world scenario.
  • Basketball, cricket, football, or any other field game.


Even if the school decides to include swimming as an important part of their curriculum, it should be mentioned through the admission management software to inform parents beforehand. This will come in handy as students are now prepared to indulge in these activities, and they get time to arrange for swimming materials. As an activity, it is of great help and allows students to be skilled and have a well-balanced healthy life.

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