Ways to Succeed in Group Discussions

Sophia Jennifer S

These days the level of competition is increasing day by day and succeeding in education has become very challenging for the students. Though students are trying their level best for achieving success in each and every exam still level of exams are also upgrading with the time. Students join various competitive classes in order to succeed in the exams and some of them succeed too but some of them fail due to one step of exams these days getting very popular and that is group discussion. Group discussions are having a good role in the selection process of candidates these days. It is mainly used by multinational companies and educational institutions especially from MBA admissions because in managerial jobs one should be good enough to have discussions and summaries. Any ERP for school these days can be found incorporating group discussions in their curriculum. This is done by institute ERP for school in order to induce one of the important qualities of entrepreneurship in kids within their curriculum. Even in online learning students are being taught about group discussions and they are made to have group discussions online in video calls which is protected by LMS portals because LMS portals make online learning of the students easy and safe.

Group discussions are held in order to assess the interpersonal skills and mental aptitude of the candidate. Most of the multinational companies have only one motive and that is to search for the ability in the candidate to make a smooth communication who can represent his/her thoughts and opinions in a persuasive manner in order to generate the interest of the client in the company’s product. Many of the multinational and domestic companies also use group discussions as an elimination process in case of having too many candidates in bulk hiring. In group discussions even if you are good at technical skills but you are not a representative personality then you are not going to survive. Therefore, a student needs to know the ways to succeed in the group discussions so that he or she can win it. So, first of all one can be able to perform in group discussions only if he or she has the knowledge. Knowledge of current affairs is very necessary for the group discussions because usually topics are picked up from current affairs to know the level of knowledge and attentiveness of the candidate about his/her surroundings. Group discussions are also conducted for measuring the personality of the candidate where the candidate should not be dressed casually like in jeans and t-shirts. Candidate needs to be dressed formally like gentlemen with proper ironed shirt-pants, tie and coat. 

Though being a fresher candidate can be little nervous but he or she should not show his/her nervousness and should initiate the group discussion starting with proper greeting to his fellows in group discussion. Taking the initiative makes the best impression in judges because it shows your courage, knowledge and wisdom to take initiative when you will be their employee. Though you are the initiator but listening carefully is very essential therefore once you are in group discussion ten you need to show active listening and be a good listener and let others complete speaking then speak. Let others also represent their opinions completely so that it may become a good discussion. Show full confidence level by making eye contact, because in body language the one who steals the eye is caught having low confidence level and can be defeated easily therefore it is necessary to make eye contact while discussion. Candidates make one more mistake that being emotional they go very deep into the topic which is unnecessary therefore it is necessary to stay up to needed layer of discussion topic. Most importantly if you have different opinion than other candidate then represents it politely and try not be rude at all by making a calm demeanour by saying, “Sir/ma’am, with all due respect I disagree with you and if you allow me, I would like to explain the reason.”

 Sometimes people lose their control over their emotions so never show anger or disappointment on their face and always speak smilingly with polite and gentle body language. Along with this a communication level is also very necessary therefore, keep practicing your communication skills with your mentors and family members.

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