Top 4 Questions That Every Dog Owners Has About CBD For Dogs


The cannabis industry is rapidly growing thanks to the rising awareness and acceptance. The hemp and cannabis plants produce a substance called CBD that has therapeutic effects for humans and pets like dogs, cats, etc. 

Despite the rising awareness, there are a lot of misconceptions about Dog CBD products like oils, tinctures, and salves. Many pet owners get concerned about whether the products might make their pet dog high. Don’t worry; it’s okay to have questions about something you haven’t used before. If you don’t want to rely on harmful pharmaceuticals for your pet’s health, a little knowledge about the product and how it benefits humans and animals can help you make more conscious health choices. You must have many doubts in your mind like many other pet owners. Here are the top 4 questions dog owners ask about CBD for dogs. 

Ques1. What Is CBD?

The cannabis plant Sativa or known as marijuana, produces hundreds of cannabinoids. One of those cannabinoids is CBD or cannabidiol, which has therapeutic properties. There are plenty of ongoing studies that are researching the effects of the substance on humans and animals. Furthermore, many pet owners use products like Dog CBD oil, tinctures, and salves that help reduce anxiety and inflammation in dogs and help them be calmer and happy.

Ques2. Will CBD Make My Dog High?

The hemp plant and cannabis Sativa plant have low THC quantities, usually lower than 0.3% THC. That means your dog will not get high after ingesting the products. Cannabidiol dog products don’t contain any THC, ingesting too many products can make your dog look high. Therefore it is crucial to check whether the pet products contain no THC. You can check the lab reports to see whether the products contain any THC. You can also check the label of contents of the products to be sure. 

Ques3. Are CBD Products Made For Humans Different From Dog Products?

Yes. But you should know that the products for humans are unsuitable for pets like dogs and cats. Therefore, you need to ensure your pet doesn’t eat any of your edibles, gummies, or other products. These products may have some THC levels and are not tested for animal use. Therefore you should never ingest your dog with CBD products made for humans. 

Ques4. Are CBD Products Effective For Severe Health Conditions In Dogs?

Many brands specialize in making Cannabidiol products for dogs. These products are made after rigorous testing and research and are safe for your dog. Dogs are social animals. Therefore they find it challenging to deal with fear, separation, and aging. They become more restless and anxious with age and many other factors. 

The medications help to reduce anxiety and restlessness in dogs. They are also found effective in reducing the frequency of epilepsy seizures in dogs. Oral ingestion helps your dog become calmer and reduces joint pain and inflammation. It is also believed to achieve better skin and coat in dogs. 

Cannabidiol products are undoubtedly a great natural solution to improve dog health. The reduced anxiety helps them calmer, so they can enjoy their park time better. They also get more playful and energetic and experience less inflammation and joint pain. 

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