The Best Site For Online Maths Classes

Sophia Jennifer S

There are many online maths classes that you can take, but which one should you choose? If you’re looking to brush up on some concepts or learn something new, these three options are all worth your time and money. Whether you want to focus on business math or something more specific like statistics, you’ll find all the information you need right here.

Numbers in Words

A great way to learn math is by converting numbers into words. It’s not just a trick to make math easier, it also helps you understand what you’re doing when you perform calculations. Let’s take a look at some examples of how numbers can be converted into words.

  • The number 5 is five and that makes sense because there are five fingers on your hand. The number 10 is ten because there are ten digits on your hands. And, 100 is a hundred which makes sense because there are 100 cents in a dollar.
  • If you can convert numbers in words, it’ll help you remember how to perform calculations in your head without having to pull out a calculator or write things down. It’s also a great way to learn math! For example, if I wanted to add up one hundred and twenty-two plus five hundred and ninety-three, I could convert both numbers into words before adding them together.

Top 6 Best Site For Online Maths Classes

Here are our picks for top online math programs for every age level: K-12; Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Mathematics; Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry; Calculus.

1) Cuemath: 

This online math learning website was started by two IIT graduates, who found that most students in India weren’t prepared for advanced math courses. They’ve built a great platform to help students master their basic arithmetic and algebra skills before moving on to more advanced topics.

2) Byjus:  

This is a great site for students in grades 4-12. It has an interactive platform that allows students to learn math concepts by solving sample problems and engaging in real-time discussions with other students. Students can also take tests to measure their progress and earn badges as they advance through each level.

3) Desmos: 

Desmos is an online math app that allows you to create graphs, tables, and equations right on your browser window—no downloads required! Students can get a handle on their algebra skills by using built-in formulas or writing their own. 

4) Khan Academy: 

The goal of this website is to give anyone, everywhere a free, world-class education. The Khan Academy is, in reality, a charitable organisation. With a wide range of study materials, this site is best suited for students in the third through twelfth grades. The pages have a straightforward layout that is simple to traverse.

5) Arcademics: 

The content on this page is designed for easy learning and is appropriate for children in kindergarten through sixth grade. You (or your child) have the option of learning by topic or by grade level. Students enjoy themselves while studying by playing video games. The gaming wave is used for education because it provides immediate feedback, drill repetition, and competitive options.

6) Patrick’s Just Math Tutorials: 

The website is appropriate for students in the third through twelfth grades. The site covers a wide range of topics, spanning from calculus to arithmetic. The site’s layout is simple, making it easy for all users to navigate and prevent getting lost or failing to discover what they’re looking for. The website has a lot of charts, graphs, and really interesting videos to aid you with your math studies.

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