How to Solve SSC GD Previous Year Paper to Crack GD Constable Exam?


Preparing for the SSC GD exam can be challenging. Nevertheless, when done right, the result is worth it! If looking to crack the SSC GD 2022 exam, one must brainstorm and look through the previous year’s question papers.

Studying for an exam where most questions are in the MCQ style is hard, especially when enough time to study is unavailable. If candidates start preparing late, they could still solve the SSC GD previous year question paper to nail down the basics.

Clearing the SSC GD 2022 examination is possible through learning and practicing previous years’ question papers. BYJU’S Exam Prep offers a complete range of the previous year’s papers to help prepare for the exam.

Best way to solve SSC GD Previous Year Paper

When preparing for the SSC GD exam, one can follow and execute different preparation techniques. While the tips will be extensively helpful, nothing is as helpful as going through the SSC GD previous year question paper.

When focusing on solving the SSC GD previous year question paper to crack the exam, here is the most effective way to solve multiple papers to fetch astounding results.

Analyze the SSC GD Previous Year Question Papers

An analysis is the most critical part of solving any paper. To solve a paper, try to get hold of the whole structure and information when looking at the questions.

It may not be easy for the SSG GD candidates to solve an entirely new question paper without an idea about the previous year’s exam pattern and question types. However, when going through some previous question papers, their chances of solving the upcoming SSC GD exam paper will be higher.

When applicants analyze the previous years’ question papers and practice mock tests, the task becomes more accessible, as it helps to get a fair estimate of the time it takes to solve the question paper.

The first phase of the preparation must involve completing and consolidating the syllabus. Once done, start to work on analyzing the papers by solving them. One should start solving previous papers when almost completed the syllabus.

While analyzing the paper, ask questions including; how many questions were challenging and out of personal knowledge-bank? How long might it take to solve the paper? Is there a component of the syllabus that requires additional practice? Was there any question that took a long time and another that was solved instantly? 

These are all valuable questions to answer when preparing.

Solve within a time limit

After analyzing the whole paper, set a time limit of 90 mins to solve the SSC GD previous year paper and mentally prepare as if in the examination center. Creating such an environment to solve the previous year’s paper would help improve the overall speed of solving papers with accuracy.

Evaluate answer sheet

After solving the paper within the time limit, check answers and mark the incorrect ones. Next, refer to these to understand where/how the question was answered incorrectly. Consequently, on the next attempt, it will boost accuracy.

Re-attempt questions

Always re-attempt the questions that are difficult or very confusing. Re-attempting those questions is an excellent way to cement concept knowledge, improve overall confidence, and enhance efficiency in the exam.


After studying and understanding the concepts, revise them. Revising all the topics understood or difficult is a crucial part of the learning process. 

The bottom line:

After reading this article, you know that solving the SSC GD previous year question papers is imperative to crack the SSC GD 2022 exam. Let us know if you find this information helpful, and feel free to ask any queries related to SSC examinations.

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