7 Quirky, Yet Promising Pet Business Ideas

Sophia Jennifer S

When a person’s skills and talents match perfectly with their interests, magic is bound to happen. This is especially true of entrepreneurs who open businesses related to their love for animals. Not only do they have the chance to earn money from a passionate and loyal market, but their business can also be an avenue to meet fellow animal lovers and animal welfare advocates.

Thinking of starting a pet business, but don’t know exactly what to branch into? For the budding pet entrepreneur, here are seven quirky, but promising paw-sibilities!

Specialty Pet Apparel

A lot of pet owners are willing to invest in quality pet apparel that showcases their pet’s unique personality. There’s actually a pretty big market for pet apparel products and pet couture, including customizable branded dog bandanas, customized dog and cat collars, and pet clothing like sweaters, vests, and shirts. If you already have a background in design or working with textiles, and you love the idea of dressing a pet to the nines, consider opening a pet apparel business.

Bespoke Pet Furniture

Another great idea for a pet entrepreneur with niche skills is a bespoke pet furniture business. Those with backgrounds in carpentry, construction, woodwork, or joinery can proffer their craftsmanship towards building custom pet sofas, chairs, tables, kennels, or playgrounds. Indeed, dedicated pet parents will love items that can help them create the perfect home for their pets.  

A Pet Bakery or Café 

Did you ever have dreams of becoming a baker, barista, or restaurateur? If so, you’ll be able to serve a unique clientele by opening a pet bakery or pet café. Of course, you or your staff first need to master the art of making pet-friendly food items like dog cakes, cat treats, and puppuccinos. You can then open your doors to pet owners who want to treat their pets to a good meal or a pet-safe confection. 

A Pet Daycare Service

Pet daycare services allow busy pet owners to rest easy, knowing that their pet won’t be alone and that a human can attend to their day-to-day and emergency needs in their absence. Your business model can hinge on pet-sitting in the owner’s home or letting the pet temporarily board in a dedicated space. Regardless of which setup you choose, make sure that pet owners can comfortably entrust you with their pets’ wellbeing.

A Cleaning Service for Pet Parents’ Homes

Knowing how difficult it can be to keep a home clear of pet dander and pet waste, pet owners are likely to jump at the opportunity to hire someone to do it for them. If you’d like, you can choose to specialize in indoor cleaning services, like vacuuming pet hair or removing pet urine stains from furniture. Alternatively, you can focus on outdoor cleaning services, like poop scooping. If you’re up to the challenge, you can gain a bigger profit by offering both indoor and outdoor cleaning services.

A Pet Photography Studio

Pet owners love to strike a pose with their pets, especially for occasions like birthdays, holidays, and adoption anniversaries. You can practice your photography skills and help pet parents memorialize their happiest moments with their pets by opening a pet photography studio.

To make it more fun for your human and animal customers, offer a broad range of pet-friendly props and additional services like photo card printing and poster design. You can even take your photography services on the road and set up mobile pet photobooths for events. 

A Pet Blog

Pets make great digital ambassadors, and many people actively look for pet-related content and pet product recommendations. That said, if you love to write and want your words to reach a wide network of pet enthusiasts, there’s the option of starting a pet blog. It may take some time to grow your audience and to build your brand, but you can definitely earn money by plugging pet affiliate links or by marketing specialty pet products on your blog.

Some Last Tips on Launching a Successful Pet Business

Opening any kind of business is no mean feat. No matter how much you love animals and how skilled you are in your field, you should still be ready to put in the time, effort, and grit to make your business work. You should also be aware of how much you need to invest in your business in terms of expenses like overhead, taxes, and business licenses. Only push through with your business venture if you’re a hundred percent sure that you have the resources to do so.

Lastly, be attuned to the needs of your customers and their pets. The most successful pet businesses are the ones that have earned the long-term trust and loyalty of pet parents. To make it big as a pet entrepreneur—and to remain relevant in the increasingly competitive pet industry—center your business activities on improving the lives of both pets and pet owners. That should keep your business alive and feed your passion to serve the wider pet community.

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