rachel garlinghouse

Sophia Jennifer S

This is the first time I try to do a weekly post on you guys and I am so excited for you to read it. We are having way too much fun and I just wanted to share some of the things I am learning on my journey to being more self-aware.

In case you haven’t heard, this thread is about your own journey to self-awareness. It’s about what you don’t know yet.

I started the thread because I know I am not being all self-aware, and that is ok. That is not what I am here to talk about.

I don’t want to discuss a whole lot about the whole journey but I want to give you a quick peek at what I am learning.

It is amazing how much it can take to get you to the point where you can start to get some of that self-awareness. One day you will look back and realize that you were self-aware, then you will realize that it took you a while to get there. You will realize that your head is just a tiny sliver of a part of your brain that is in charge of your own actions and can be easily influenced by what you feel, think, and do.

Now you may be thinking, “well if rachel garlinghouse is an amnesiac, then why is she an amnesiac?” Well, that might be true in some ways, but I think it’s equally as important to realize that rachel garlinghouse is just a person. She’s only in the world because her father is in the game, she is only in the world because her father left her.

It’s true that rachel garlinghouse is the most important piece of the puzzle in Game of Thrones. I’ll tell you a little story about her, but let’s get back to the main plot. She is the queen of the land that she is now the heir to. That’s where we get all the details about her life, and why she’s gone, why she’s alive, why she’s running the show.

It’s a very interesting story about why she is running the show. Now what we know about the people that have been in the game, and by that I mean the people that have been in the game, is that they are all people that have either died in the past or have been killed by people that have died. Rachel’s father was killed by the man who was supposed to be her father. Her father was the one that was supposed to be in the game.

And that brings up the first problem that is present in rachel’s world: the deaths of people that are responsible for the deaths of people. This isn’t a problem unique to rachel’s world or even rachel herself. People die all the time and these are all deaths that are caused by people’s actions. The problem is that we don’t always have all the information we need to understand why a specific person has died.

Another problem is that we dont know who the people who killed people have to be. We can’t really know where a specific person has died. We cant know who was responsible for a specific person’s death. Nobody else gets to the point where a specific person dies. So a lot of people dont know who the people who killed people have to be responsible for this.

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