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This blog is a place to share my parables and thoughts on what is going on in life. You are welcome to drop by and check out the latest post.

If you are wondering what a parable is, a parable is a story told in order to show a message or a lesson. A parable can be an allegory, a metaphor, an example, or a parable of some sort. The most common form of parable is the story of the blind men and the elephant, but I also like to use a story about something that is more personal.

I’ve been telling my life story as a parable for a long time. It’s something that inspires me to write more often than not. I don’t think the internet, like television, has ever given me a reason to stop writing.

Parable-blogging is an interesting way to tell stories that appeal to many people. It can be funny, informative, inspirational, or just plain weird. Some of the stories I’ve told are about things I’ve read or watched in books, but others are about stuff I’ve seen on television, movies, or music videos.

Parable-blogging is a practice, the act of telling a story with a purpose, without any intent of being entertaining or clever. The goal is to encourage people to stop and think, without being overly serious about the story. This can be done in a variety of ways, but I always like the parable that I use to explain it to someone. Its a story of a girl and a boy who work together to build a house.

This story is about the girl, and it’s about the process of how they build the house. It was first told to me by a friend a couple of years ago, and I thought that it was a really great example of how to tell a story without being overly serious about it. I also think that it’s a great example of why a parable should be told to someone. It’s not about any one person, it’s about why the story matters.

When I first learned of this story, I thought it was just a way of telling a story without having to think too hard about it. I was wrong. I think that the story of the girl and the boy is about how we should all start thinking about the world in more of a down-to-earth way. Its about how we should take the time to think about our circumstances and how they affect us.

This is my favorite parable of the time. Its a classic example of why we should all start thinking about how things actually should be in general.

I think parables can be a bit hard to understand and interpret. For some people, they can be downright confusing. But for me, I find them helpful. They can be found in many different shapes and forms, so I think they are kind of like a big dictionary, and sometimes they’re just a bit hard to decipher and don’t quite make sense.

I believe that parables can be used to teach a lot of different things. I think for instance that we should be very clear and teach our kids to be very careful when they walk in a room because they can easily trip and fall and die. I also believe that we should all give up our rights to the things we worked so hard and saved for and not feel guilty for not having those things.

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