jon’s jail journal

Sophia Jennifer S

If you have been reading Jon’s Jail Journal for a while, you know that there are some disturbing facts. Here’s one for you: I’m currently in a prison for the third time.

Jon’s prison is for the most part a prison of men in the United States with a few of women. Some of them are murderers who have been locked up for years, but others are simply the victims of a society that is often cruel. The men have been sentenced to be locked up for years for having sex with each other in the middle of a crowded town. Many of these men are not only in prison for sex crimes, but also for having sex with people they don’t even know.

In the United States, the government is run by a system called “civilian oversight,” which was created by the government to keep all these men under the same control. It is a system that has many flaws. For example, it does not allow the courts to find that a guy is a bad person for being raped and beaten. In addition, some of these people are not even in prison for sex crimes. They are simply caught having sex with people they dont even know.

I’m sure that many people are familiar with the story of Jim Jones. Jim Jones was a leader of the Ku Klux Klan, who wanted to create a black country. In fact, he was so determined that he actually went out and paid someone to drive around the whole country and create a black country. At the end of his trip, Jim Jones found himself in America’s capital city. He was arrested, tried, and found guilty for being a bad person for not being a good man.

But then it seems that his sentence was reversed. After spending years in jail for his crimes, Jim Jones was released, apparently because the courts decided that he didn’t deserve to be locked up in a cage and thrown away in some corner.

Now jon is in the custody of some dude named Bill, and he wants to kill him. So he decides to go into some of the darkest parts of town and see if he can get in. Unfortunately he gets caught, and is now running for his life. This means he has to find a way out of the city. So he runs into some of the most corrupt people he knows and is forced to go on the run for a while.

And there you have it. I can’t say I’ve been following jon’s incarceration very closely, but I hope you enjoyed this little look at one of the best parts of a game where you have to make choices.

I’ve mentioned here before that the game’s story is a series of one-shots, rather than a linear narrative, so that’s a good thing. The choice is easy to make, and the decisions are easy to make. The only decisions you have to make are “Do I want to put my guns down and turn myself in?” or “Do I want to go to a different game?” and the answer is probably “No” or “Yes.

The thing about the game that jon was in was that he was in for a really bad break, and was sentenced to spend a year in jail for raping a girl. He was lucky his parole officer didn’t think he was a rapist because he was in a mental institution. Being in a mental institution can effect one’s social standing and the people who visit you and take care of you.

The thing with the game is that it’s a game and you can die and it doesn’t matter because there’s no point to it. I played the game and I was really upset with jon because he was so depressed and he didnt do anything wrong but the fact that he was in a mental institution is the reason he was put there. My father was put in the same kind of mental institution and he’s a really nice guy.

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