fabián robles

Sophia Jennifer S

I am always searching for inspiration. Today I stumbled upon a wonderful recipe that fits perfectly into the category as “the perfect summer salad”. This salad is inspired by a recipe that I found on a cookbook called “The Art of Mexican Cooking”. The beauty of the recipe is that the ingredients are fresh, so they don’t need to sit on a shelf for months.

The key to this salad is the combination of dried tomatoes and cilantro. Dried tomatoes get crispy when hot, and when chopped fresh they are perfectly tender and delicious. The cilantro is the key ingredient because it adds an extra layer of flavor and aroma to the dressing.

The salad is pretty simple. You cook the cilantro on the stove, then add the tomatoes and parsley (all chopped up) and toss until the tomato mixture is hot. The dressing is simple but very tasty.

After you’ve cooked the tomato mixture, place it in a bowl and toss with the cilantro and tomatoes. Then add the dressing to the salad and toss again. The dressing will still be slightly spicy, but the tomatoes will take the flavor of the dressing off.

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