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Sophia Jennifer S

All of the things that break in the same way in the same way, I mean like the same way. I can’t really speak for the other things, but I’m gonna leave you with this thought. I can’t really speak for the things that break, but you know what? I can think of at least a few things that don’t break.

This may be weird, but I think I can speak for nearly everything about the way I review games. Like with the stuff that breaks, I think that you shouldnt really worry too much. But with things that dont, you should just do what you can to fix them. Like say, if you make something work, you should probably go ahead and fix it, but if something else breaks, you should fix it and go about your day.

As I was saying, I think this was a pretty good year for games. There was a lot of good stuff to come out, and that was just by the sheer number of games that came out. This was the year of all things, because it seems like there was a lot of stuff that was just a really fun surprise. A lot of the stuff that was released this year was just cool.

Like the story of a zombie-themed arcade. Or the story of a guy who takes his son to see the new Star Wars movie. Or the story of a guy who goes to a rave and gets his arm tattooed with a Star Wars symbol. Or the story of a kid who gets his arm tattooed with a Star Wars symbol so he can join the Force. Or the story of a kid who gets his arm tattooed with the Empire.

Oh yeah, we’ve had a lot of cool stuff to release this year. Our most recent games are all from new developers so we can’t really say how much stuff we’re going to be releasing in the future. We’re still working our way through the year and as we do, we will get more cool stuff. But, until then, we’d like to hear about your most recent experiences with games and other cool stuff this year.

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