angel’s pet hospital

Sophia Jennifer S

I like to think of myself as an angel and I absolutely adore my dog. The dog in question is a very sweet golden doodle named Sunny. She is a black lab/lab mix. Sunny was born in June of 2013 and she has been my best friend since she was a pup. You could say she’s my other half and I think that makes her my angel’s pet. Sunny is a rescue dog who was found with a broken leg.

The story goes like this: I’m in a car accident and the driver of the car pulls over to see a tow-lid. The tow-lid is in the rear view mirror.

The driver of the car (and of the tow-lid) is a man named Dr. Z, or Zander. He is not my real name, but that’s how the story ends. It doesn’t seem to matter, because his car breaks down and he’s thrown on the back of a truck.

It seems like his name is a play on the words “angel” and “pet.” The little guy is a rescue dog so he is a “angel’s pet” or in the case of the story, a human’s pet. His name means “little angel” in Arabic, and you can read Arabic in the book of Islam.

He seems like a good guy though. I’m sure he just wants to help people. I think the real question is, is it really necessary? If I were the author, I would probably be able to let the reader know when the story is not about being a doctor, not that Dr. Z has no purpose in life. It’s more about learning more about the human condition.

It doesn’t bother me that the dog is supposed to be a pet. It would be an even better story, if it wasn’t at all.

That’s where the similarity ends. We’re not supposed to be reading about the story of the dog, but rather the reader’s experience with him. In other cases, they will be referring to the reader as a reader, not the character. We’re not called to be “the reader” we’re called, in the book of Islam, to be the “reader” of the book. The reader is not the protagonist. The protagonist is the reader.

And this is exactly why I don’t see a lot of connection between the dog and the protagonist. I mean, the dog is not supposed to be the protagonist. But the protagonist is the reader. The reader is the protagonist’s avatar. The dog is not the protagonist. It is not the reader’s avatar. It is the reader himself. And that is how it always should be.

This is where I disagree with the other comments. There is no “I’m the protagonist” in Islam. The “I am the protagonist” is a very serious concept in Islam. The “I am the protagonist” is a concept that is very difficult to explain to non-Muslims. The “I am the protagonist” is a concept that is very difficult to explain to non-Muslims.

I get it that you have no choice but to explain the concept to non-Muslims. I think you have a duty to explain it to Muslims. I think you have a duty to explain it to non-Muslims.

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