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Sophia Jennifer S

Algarvia is a small town in Spain located just outside the city of Seville. I live in an apartment in the same town which means that I get to see the same buildings every day. I’ve lived in a couple of other cities and I have never been to this town before so it was interesting to see all the different buildings.

I usually get in to their apartment on time. They usually have a little bit of money to spend and are all very happy. They also have a nice window in the living room so that’s nice.

The main question to me is how the hell did the devs do it so that they could have gotten to the main building, but couldnt have gotten to the main building without doing the most of the other things that we did.

After a few hours of talking with the devs we came to the conclusion that the process of figuring out how to get to the main entrance of the building, while having the window to the apartment, was a bit of a challenge (especially since it was in the middle of a busy road). We ended up solving this challenge by making a few small changes to the game.

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