ac/dc was influenced by which earlier style of music?

Sophia Jennifer S

The music of the Beatles, which was influenced first by their blues music, then by the folk music of the British Isles, then later by American popular music.

The Beatles were famous for being in everything from rockabilly, to psychedelic folk music, then to a whole slew of other styles. It’s no surprise that their music has been so popular since the late 50’s and 60’s, when they were on the rise.

For the most part, that’s just a fact. There are a few exceptions, though. In the early days of the Beatles, they were still able to take their songs and put something new spin on them in the form of a ‘new’ style or genre. Later in their career, they did experiments with the guitar and had a whole new thing going on.

That’s why the Beatles’ music was so influential. They were a bunch of weirdos, but they did have a lot of influence on the other Beatles. That didn’t stop the other Beatles from taking their influence even further. The Rolling Stones was one of the most influential bands of the 60s, for example, as they influenced their contemporaries to the point that they even took elements of their own music and added new elements of their own.

Even though we’ve come to be a society of the music of the 60s, the Beatles had a huge impact on pop music for several decades. As such, they’re still revered as one of the most influential bands of all time. They influenced rock bands of the 70s like The Rolling Stones and The Supremes, to the point that many of their songs are still in rotation today.

The influence of the Beatles on pop music has been a hotly debated subject for decades. Many people seem to think that their music is the only inspiration for today’s pop music, but in actuality, the Beatles did influence virtually every style of music throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

I think that the influence of the Beatles is pretty clear in many ways. The Beatles’ music was a great addition to the genre, because it helped to inspire a certain kind of rock and roll, as well as the first wave of pop-rock. The band’s vocal harmonies were very good at helping to create the illusion of “singing.

It doesn’t look like the Beatles were especially influenced by rock and roll, but it’s still cool to think about. As a kid, I loved the Beatles because they were so different from the other groups I was around. They had a much more “real” style of music to their music than the other bands I knew. Their music was more pop, but it was still very different.

That is why I love listening to The Beatles. If it was to influence my own style of music, I think I would be a lot more influenced by what I learned from the Beatles. The fact that their music was so different from all the other music I was exposed to (including what I was exposed to in school) is why I am fascinated by their music.

A lot of that music is influenced by the sounds made by the instruments used in the Beatles, specifically the piano and organ. In the case of the Beatles, they were the major instrumentalists in the group and they were all very musically advanced. The Beatles also had a pretty distinctive way of recording their music. In fact, that is what I think is so great about their music. It’s such a unique way.

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